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Mr. Lo Duy Phan lives in Ba Thuoc village, in the Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam. Like thousands of Indigenous people in Southeast Asia, Lo’s community live in fear. Illegal logging, deforestation and land-grabbing mean that they could lose their homes and ability to make a living.

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Lo courageously patrols his local area, doing everything he can to keep his friends and families safe, as he explains: 

“I’m 63 and work as the village’s forest patrol team leader. Our job is to walk this land and make sure that no one harms it. We patrol the border of the nature reserve and any key areas of valuable wood or products. 

Sometimes we receive tips about suspicious activity. On our way to investigate them we have to mark our path through the forest with paint or by using knives to carve on trees. We also mark places with a high risk of illegal logging so that we can regularly patrol them. 

We have recently been trained to use digital tools such as GPS and smartphones. This method is quite new and a bit strange for us but Cord’s training sessions have helped the team get familiar with this new technology. 

There are many challenges including difficult terrain, landslides and snake attacks. We also have to face illegal loggers. Some of them try to find out who is involved in the patrol so they can take revenge on us. 

The community are very supportive of what we do, as it is vital to the survival of our people. 

Our desire is that the patrol will grow and receive more help from Cord. We want to preserve this beautiful piece of land and ensure that the forest continues to provide our community with its bounty. 

I hope my health allows me to keep doing this for at least a few more years to help prepare the future generations of the patrol. Then I can fulfill my mission and retire happily.” 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about courageous forest patrollers like Lo. If you’d like to see Lo and his patrol team in action, take a look at our short film below and don’t forget to stay in touch by signing up for updates!

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Claudine and the team inspect the potatoes
Lives changed
Claudine is confident, assertive and ambitious. Her successful business is developing peace in her community and offering hope to other young people.