Areas of work

We’re making peace possible through a diverse range of projects. Explore our programmes focusing on freedom of religion or belief, climate change, women’s empowerment, Indigenous people’s rights and much more.

Freedom of Religion or Belief  

When the right to freedom of religion or belief is not respected, violence and even genocide can result. Challenging prejudice and discrimination is therefore central to Cord’s peacebuilding work.

Indigenous people’s land rights  

Cord is working to strengthen and support Indigenous human rights defenders, ensuring they have the knowledge, network and skills to peacefully and effectively defend their land.
Lives changed
Cord has the privilege of partnering with some amazing organisations, including Wan Lark in Myanmar. Operating since 2010, Wan Lark’s work involves emergency relief, community development and defending human rights. They are based in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State. This port city on the Bay of Bengal at the mouth of the Kaladan River, ...