How we work

Read about our strategy, theory of change and how we measure our impact. Find out why working in partnership is so important to us and who we’re working with.

A group of children in laos

Theory of Change 

Our Theory of Change explains how and why we’ll achieve our vision, of a world where all people can live in peace and live life to the full.
Building Bridges in Burundi programme


Because of the complex contexts where Cord works, we’ve pioneered outcome harvesting as a monitoring and evaluation approach to compliment traditional methods. It identifies, describes, verifies and analyzes outcomes.

Our strategy

There are 3 strands to our peacebuilding work. Together they strengthen relationships between different parts of society. Communities become safer and more stable, and people prosper.
The patrol team ready for doing mission


Partnership is fundamental to the way Cord operates. It is a key outworking of our organisational value of inter-dependence.
Lives changed
Pascaline has gone from being a refugee, trying to survive and keep her children alive, to a successful business owner and community leader working to sustain lasting peace.