Vision, mission and values

Building peace is essential if people are going to prosper and live life to the full. Our vision, mission and values guide all that we do.

Why we build peace 

We recognise that people can only prosper when they are living in lasting peace. Currently, millions of people live in fear. Every day they face the threat of violence, being wrongly arrested or mistreated. Countless communities suffer the impact of violent conflict which leads to poverty, division and the denial of human rights. Peacebuilding can and must turn the tide on this.  

Our vision, mission and values will guide us along the way. 

Our vision  

Cord’s vision is a world where all people can live in peace and live life to the full. 

Our mission  

Our mission is to develop positive and thriving relationships between individuals, communities and those in power.  

Our values  

  • We are compassionate   
  • We value everyone, recognising they are unique and special   
  • We believe in the power of relationships 
  • We explore and address the root causes of violent conflict   

Hope on the horizon

Thousands of families around the world face the threat of losing their land, and with it, their homes and means to survive. But hope is uniting these poor communities; they are rising up against injustice. And you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them.  

Annual Impact Report 2022

Promoting the power of peaceful relationships
The patrol team ready for doing mission

Our teams

Meet some of Cord’s staff, our Patrons and Trustees. Learn about their role and areas of responsibility.

Our history

Peaceful relationships, which we believe can transform lives and communities, are key to supporting lasting change.
Mr. Lo Duy Phan
Lives changed
Cord is supporting Lo and hundreds like him, ensuring peace and freedom for Indigenous communities throughout Southeast Asia.