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Find out how Cord works, what we do to build peace, who we work with and what some of our projects involve

We build peace by tackling the issues that lead to violence. This helps to create safe and stable societies where people can flourish.  

Peace is possible. Millions of people face the threat of violence, being wrongly arrested, or mistreated. Countless communities suffer the impact of conflict which leads to poverty, division, and the denial of human rights. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

We can make lasting peace a reality by working with local partners to:  

  • Strengthen grassroots organisations 
  • Enable those in power to understand the importance of working with grassroots organisations   
  • Create opportunities for these two groups to work together  

As a result, cooperation and trust develops between different parts of society. Communities are able to live free from fear. People can live in peace and reach their potential. 

Protecting land and livelihoods

We support indigenous forest communities throughout Southeast Asia who are losing their land, homes, and ability to make a living. We’re finding peaceful solutions to a complex situation by working with all those involved, including the communities, governments, and the private sector.

Empowering women environmental defenders  

Environmental defenders in Southeast Asia face threats, intimidation, and violence. It’s even more dangerous for women. They are often rejected by their communities, who don’t expect them to take on leadership roles. We’re training these courageous women to be safe in their daily work and to take part in regional political decision-making processes. We’re building peace and protecting one of the most environmentally important regions on earth.  

Hope and healing in Burundi  

Burundi’s history is dominated by conflict and violence. It’s left people living in extreme poverty. Communities are deeply divided. Cord is providing practical help and psychological treatment to groups and individuals in Burundi who have suffered the most.   

We’re also helping communities to deal with their painful past. Our work helps people to share honestly, offer forgiveness, and develop a common understanding. This process lets healing begin.   

Strengthening grassroots organisations in Laos  

Local organisations in Laos are trying to make life better for ordinary people. They are often isolated and lack government support. We’re providing investment and training as well as helping them to engage with those in power. We’re developing trust and enabling more people to live life to the full.  

Young people from the LIFE project

Freedom of Religion and Belief in Myanmar  

Widespread persecution of minority faith groups is a fundamental problem in Myanmar’s divided society. Human rights are denied. Instability and conflict have increased since the military coup in 2021. Drawing on over a decade’s experience of working in Myanmar, we are developing trust between different faith communities and those in power. We’re helping to grow understanding and cooperation through training, workshops, and other tried and tested initiatives. We’re investing in human rights defenders and supporting local partners to work safely during military rule.   


Hope on the horizon

Thousands of families around the world face the threat of losing their land, and with it, their homes and means to survive. But hope is uniting these poor communities; they are rising up against injustice. And you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them.  

Our history

Peaceful relationships, which we believe can transform lives and communities, are key to supporting lasting change.

Annual Impact Report 2022

Promoting the power of peaceful relationships
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Lives changed
EMPOWER is Cord’s project which builds peace by training Women Environmental Defenders in Southeast Asia. But what does this really mean in practice? Here’s a wonderful example of how this project works and the incredible difference your support makes! Mrs Cil Thu is 27 and lives in Cil Mup village in Dam Rong district, Lam ...