Joyce is still changing lives 

Joyce made the very special decision to leave a gift in her Will so that more people could live in peace and freedom.  

Joyce Sirotkin

Joyce made the very special decision to leave a gift in her Will so that more people could live in peace and freedom.  

Joyce Sirotkin faithfully supported Cord throughout her life. Her prayers and donations brought hope and healing to people all over the world. Today the impact of her love continues because she chose to leave a gift in her Will. Joyce left part of her estate to Cord and as a result more people can live in peace and the fullness of life.  

Joyce’s daughters explain why their Mum made this very special decision: 

“Our Mum, Joyce, strongly believed in the power of prayer and in making a positive difference to other people’s lives both personally and through her support of Cord. 

“In the 1960s Mum saw the impact of the Vietnam War on children and families and knew she must do something to help. She was drawn to Cord (Project Vietnam Orphans at that time) because as a committed Christian she had a strong affinity with its values and wanted to be part of the work it was doing to support children in Vietnam and to bring about peace and justice. 

“Mum continued to provide support for the rest of her life, and we know it was important to her that part of her estate was left to Cord. It was part of her and became part of our family life. It feels good to know she is continuing to help in the work Cord do”. 

Melanie, Sarah and Vivien, daughters of Joyce Sirotkin 

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Over 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War. It’s one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia and the communist authorities suppress free media, ethnic minorities and religious groups.