Going the distance for peace  

Chris Gillman’s amazing fundraising efforts didn’t stop after one marathon! Unexpected events meant more miles and more money for Cord’s vital work. 

Chris Gillman’s amazing fundraising efforts didn’t stop after one marathon! Unexpected events meant more miles and more money for Cord’s vital work. 

Chris explained what drew him to fundraise for us;

“Cord’s ability to meet local people and communities to build relationships between them and their government to resolve issues is truly inspirational.” 

Chris was incredibly excited to be running the 2020 London marathon. Having never run the distance before, he was hoping that he’d get a huge lift from the crowd to carry him through. Unfortunately, the marathon was cancelled due to coronavirus.  

Chris was determined and wasn’t going to let the pandemic derail his fundraising efforts. He set out to complete the virtual marathon around his hometown instead. Fellow runners, crowds and the capital’s landmarks were lacking but there was no doubting Chris’s will to complete the challenge.  

Chris explained:

“I missed all the crowds but having my family stopping at regular points cheering me on definitely kept me going strong. As this was the longest run I have ever taken part in. I was definitely praying before and during the run for God to give me the strength to get through which really helped.  

“When I approached the finishing line I looked ahead and noticed my family had a finishing ribbon and a couple of balloons to celebrate my achievement. It felt wonderful knowing that I had successfully completed my first marathon and I was still standing and walking!”  

A year later, having continued his tremendous fundraising efforts, Chris lined up with thousands of other runners as the world’s most famous marathon returned to the streets of London. It was a wonderful experience for Chris who smashed his fundraising target and ran much quicker than the previous year. 

Chris had run his first two marathons – an amazing achievement. But even more importantly, thanks to his efforts, more people would prosper and reach their potential in safer, more stable societies. 

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Cord’s vision is a world where all people can live life to the full, in peace.
Peace means hope and healing for victims in safe and stable societies.
Peace means freedom, and people reaching their potential.
Help restore peace so that people can prosper.

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Lo’s patrol is peacefully protecting his people and preserving the forest 

Cord is supporting Lo and hundreds like him, ensuring peace and freedom for Indigenous communities throughout Southeast Asia.

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