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Miracles of reconciliation: Pastor Claver’s Story

Burundi has been torn apart by war and violence, but something miraculous is happening. Forgiveness is freeing people from decades of hate and pain. Communities are being healed as relationships are restored.

Pastor Claver is a Methodist Minister who suffered terrible psychological trauma for 30 years due to his experiences during the civil war:

“I have been preaching about repentance and reconciliation, but I have not spoken about the wound I had in my heart.”

Pastor Claver

In this video Pastor Claver shares his remarkable testimony of forgiveness and healing. Please feel free to download this amazing film to show at your church.

Request a Cord poster-set

We have a set of nine posters available for display in your church. Email , call us on 024 7708 7777  or fill in this form to request your poster set. 


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Hope on the horizon

Thousands of families around the world face the threat of losing their land, and with it, their homes and means to survive. But hope is uniting these poor communities; they are rising up against injustice. And you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them.  

Person praying


Join us as we pray for the communities and people with whom we work. Invite us to your church so we can share more about our peacebuilding work.
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Get sponsored to do something amazing

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or simply want to set yourself a new goal, challenge events are a great way to raise money for Cord’s vital peacebuilding work. 
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The business of building peace  

If you’d like to fundraise in your workplace, make Cord your charity of the year, or explore a corporate partnership, we’ve got all the information, support and resources you’ll need. 
Sandrine in a group discussion
Lives changed
Sandrine’s life has been transformed with Cord’s support. Challenging prejudice towards Albino children means that she and other children can now live in peace in their Burundian community.