The business of building peace  

If you’d like to fundraise in your workplace, make Cord your charity of the year, or explore a corporate partnership, we’ve got all the information, support and resources you’ll need. 

Fundraising at work  

Staff at Sitel took part in wellbeing sessions and raised funds for people in Burundi living with trauma  

Corporate Partnerships  

 Shoe Zone have supported our peacebuilding projects for many years and currently provide match funding for our Big Give Christmas Challenge, their generosity helps to make this appeal our most successful of the year.  

Great reasons to partner with us  

Employee Development  

Our corporate partnerships will give your employees a chance to contribute to a wonderful cause. Proven to motivate staff and strengthen teams, they enable employees to use existing skills and develop new ones.    

Corporate Social Responsibility   

We will guarantee a bespoke relationship that fulfils your CSR. We will work with you every step of the way to develop and support an exciting strategy, whilst giving your brand recognition and exposure. This promotes a positive corporate image, as well as a charitable atmosphere in your workplace, where every fundraising milestone is celebrated.   

Staff support 

We will support your staff throughout! Whether it’s pitting team against team in a company relay race, cycling through London, jumping out of a plane, or doing something much more relaxing like baking some cakes, we’ll be there to offer support.  

We are so grateful to the amazing businesses who partner with us for peace.  

Hope on the horizon

Thousands of families around the world face the threat of losing their land, and with it, their homes and means to survive. But hope is uniting these poor communities; they are rising up against injustice. And you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them.  

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Woman sitting in a boat in south east Asia

Leave a gift in your will

Gifts in wills are amongst the most special donations we receive. We are truly humbled whenever someone decides to support our peacebuilding work in this way.
Person praying


Join us as we pray for the communities and people with whom we work. Invite us to your church so we can share more about our peacebuilding work.
Mr. Lo Duy Phan
Lives changed
Cord is supporting Lo and hundreds like him, ensuring peace and freedom for Indigenous communities throughout Southeast Asia.