What would you do?

Group of women in Burundi

You chose to try to resolve tensions in your community and reduce the risk of your family being unsafe.

Your family is now safe!

Resolving tensions can take time but with psychological support and non-violent communication training, incredible progress can be made. You join our Burundi project and learn about conflict and how to avoid violence. You gain confidence in how to avoid and resolve unsafe situations.

You set up self-help groups with other women leaders, contributing to a more peaceful and prosperous community.

Can you help others like Pascaline by starting a regular donation to Cord?

At Cord we’re committed to peace on every level. So, we help people in a holistic way. Our projects help people make a living, get help with trauma and relationship issues and develop more peaceful communities. When this happens people can look forward to educating their children, proper healthcare and all the other basic needs that most of us take for granted. They can face the future with hope.

And you can help. Regular donations to Cord can transform day-to-day life for people like Pascaline. Now a successful business owner and empowered leader, she not only has security for her family, she is transforming the lives of others in her community too.

Keo Phongmany sitting at a table
Lives changed
Cord’s work with grassroots organisations in Laos is transforming lives like Keo’s. Now, he’s using the new skills he’s gained to help other people reach their potential.