Pedalling for peace 

Robin Greenwood is getting on his bike to raise money for Cord! Robin will cycle an amazing 100 miles as part of this year’s RideLondon event.

Robin Greenwood is getting on his bike to raise money for Cord! Robin will cycle an amazing 100 miles as part of this year’s RideLondon event. He told us about his training and motivation: 

“I live in cycling-mad Cambridge, but I’ve never done an event before. Pre-pandemic my cycling was all about commuting and popping around town. Now I’m in training and regularly doing six to eight hours at a time on the same “trusty steed” that has plied the streets of London and Cambridge for 20 years. I’m looking forward to the traffic-free roads of RideLondon, but hoping it won’t be as windy as it has been these past few months. Other concerns are whether I can eat enough dates to sustain myself and if I’ll make the 8.5-hour time limit. 

“My involvement with Cord began in 1993 when I and my wife Michele worked for Christian Outreach (Cord’s predecessor) in Mozambique. I’ve worked in humanitarian relief, human development and peace building ever since. So, I was honoured to have the chance to join Cord as a Trustee in 2021 and share some of my experience. Today, the work of partnering with local organisations and communities to build positive relationships as the foundation for peaceful and thriving societies is more important than ever. 

“I know how crucial it is for organisations to have voluntary income to fund new and exciting initiatives, so it’s great to be raising vital income through this event. When I finish the epic ride I will celebrate with a large omelette, a long shower and a pair of compression socks”. 

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Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or simply want to set yourself a new goal, challenge events are a great way to raise money for Cord’s vital peacebuilding work.

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Cord’s vision is a world where all people can live life to the full, in peace.
Peace means hope and healing for victims in safe and stable societies.
Peace means freedom, and people reaching their potential.
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Forest living in Cambodia

The Cambodian mother peacefully protecting her forest home

One courageous woman is protecting the forest where she lives in Cambodia. She’s ensuring that future generations can live in peace in this beautiful habitat. 
The patrol team on their way doing mission in the forest

An introduction to Cord’s work

There is so much violence, conflict and war in our world. Societies become unstable and communities are left divided. Millions of people live in fear; trapped in poverty, with their human rights denied.
Group of women in Burundi

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Lives changed
Cord has the privilege of partnering with some amazing organisations, including Wan Lark in Myanmar. Operating since 2010, Wan Lark’s work involves emergency relief, community development and defending human rights. They are based in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State. This port city on the Bay of Bengal at the mouth of the Kaladan River, ...