In Vietnam Cord is strengthening human rights defenders and supporting indigenous communities who are forced from their land. We’re helping communities and authorities to develop positive, trusting relationships.


Heralded as a development success story, Vietnam has moved from being one of the poorest countries in the world to a middle-income economy within one generation. The country’s human rights record, however, is very poor, with restrictions on the press, religion and basic freedoms of speech. Activists and journalists who speak out against government policies face harassment, intimidation and arrest. Indigenous groups face losing their land to private sector development without recognition of their rights to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).  

Human rights defenders who are trying to protect their land lack understanding of the procedure for applying for equipment, land titles and funding for activities. They also have limited skills and fear the consequences of leading advocacy actions.  

How we’re responding  

Cord is working with local partners to strengthen the resilience of human rights defenders in Vietnam to protect their land. We’re providing training and accompaniment in the acquisition of land titles and technical support on using digital tools to safely evidence violations. The human rights defenders have received solidarity and support by linking up with people in other countries who face similar challenges. They are also learning how to engage with authorities safely in order to reduce the risk of violence or arrest.  

Hope on the horizon

Thousands of families around the world face the threat of losing their land, and with it, their homes and means to survive. But hope is uniting these poor communities; they are rising up against injustice. And you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them.  

Community meeting in Uganda


Uganda has struggled to recover from a devastating 20 year civil war. Cord’s partners are helping to reduce gender based violence and empowering communities to peacefully resolve their disputes.
Thailand countryside


Cord is building peace in Thailand by supporting Indigenous people and local authorities to resolve land disputes. We’re helping to increase leadership opportunities for women in their communities.
Livelihoods project in burundi


Burundi’s history is dominated by conflict. It is one of the world’s poorest countries. Cord projects are tackling poverty, building social cohesion and helping communities process their painful past.
Forest living in Cambodia
Lives changed
One courageous woman is protecting the forest where she lives in Cambodia. She’s ensuring that future generations can live in peace in this beautiful habitat.