An introduction to Cord’s work

There is so much violence, conflict and war in our world. Societies become unstable and communities are left divided. Millions of people live in fear; trapped in poverty, with their human rights denied. It can make us feel so helpless, we just don’t know how to respond. 

But peace is possible. Everyone has the right to live in peace and live life to the full, free from fear. Could you join in and help make this vision a reality?

56 years ago, a group from St Mary’s church in Leamington Spa were so moved by seeing victims of the Vietnam War, they knew they had to do something to help. Through faith, determination and courage, together with a deep commitment to prayer, Cord was born. Decades later, Cord is working for long-term peace in some of the world’s most challenging countries. We work throughout Southeast Asia and East Africa, in all kinds of creative and practical ways. We build peace by tackling the issues that lead to violence. This helps to create safe and stable societies where people can flourish.

These are just a few examples of the work made possible by the loving kindness, donations and prayers of ordinary people and churches throughout the UK. The road to peace is long and difficult but we are committed to this journey. Will you join us?

A woman tending her crops

Protecting land and livelihoods

We support Indigenous forest communities throughout Southeast Asia who are losing their land, homes, and ability to make a living. We’re finding peaceful solutions to a complex situation by working with all those involved, including the communities, governments, and businesses.

Two people in Burundi reading a pamphlet

Hope and healing in Burundi

Burundi’s history is dominated by conflict and violence. It’s left people living in extreme poverty. Communities are deeply divided. Cord is providing practical help and psychological treatment to those who have suffered the most. We’re also helping communities to deal with their painful past. Our work helps people to share honestly, offer forgiveness, and develop a common understanding. This process allows healing to begin. 

A man wearing traditional dress

Freedom of Religion and Belief in Myanmar

Widespread persecution of minority faith groups is a fundamental problem in Myanmar’s divided society. Human rights are denied. Instability and conflict have increased since the military coup in 2021. Drawing on over a decade’s experience of working in Myanmar, we are developing trust between different faith communities and those in power. We’re helping to grow understanding and cooperation.

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Cord’s vision is a world where all people can live life to the full, in peace.
Peace means hope and healing for victims in safe and stable societies.
Peace means freedom, and people reaching their potential.
Help restore peace so that people can prosper.

Sandrine in a group discussion

“I felt fully human, happy and safe”

Sandrine’s life has been transformed with Cord’s support. Challenging prejudice towards Albino children means that she and other children can now live in peace in their Burundian community. 
Women preparing for a normal working day in the forest

The impact of your support 

Your prayers and donations have such a significant and life-changing effect. Thank you for your wonderful support which enables us to build peace with those living in some of the world’s most challenging situations.  
Mr. Lo Duy Phan, 63 years old and married. He is leader of the patrol team. He enjoys his daily job and feels happy when protect the forest

Welcome to Cord! 

Mr. Lo Duy Phan lives in Ba Thuoc village, in the Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam. Like thousands of Indigenous people in Southeast Asia, Lo’s community live in fear. Illegal logging, deforestation and land-grabbing mean that they could lose their homes and ability to make a living. Would you like to hear more stories like ... Read more
Lives changed
With Cord’s help, Viengsam is pioneering life-changing work for children with autism in Laos. Hundreds of children can now look forward to a future full of hope, peace and prosperity.