Thousands of families in Southeast Asia could be at risk of losing their homes this Christmas season.

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. Help communities defend themselves and keep their homes now, and for generations to come.

Lo putting on his boots while sitting on the steps of his house

£12 buys boots for an Environmental Defender, to protect them as they patrol and gather evidence in areas vulnerable to land grabbing.

A woman wearing colourful clothing standing in the forest

£21 helps one woman in Southeast Asia set up a village land and forestry committee, enabling her to safeguard her community.

A woman stand in front of the new hedge

£73 pays for a household to grow hedges to create natural fences around their property and help resolve land disputes.

Will you help protect thousands of families in Southeast Asia from the threat of land grabbing companies?

I hope you are looking forward to a joyful Christmas spent with loved ones. Whether you are hosting a meal or visiting family and friends, we all know the importance of being somewhere warm and inviting at this precious time of year.

Right now, thousands of people like San Vansen are living with the threat of losing their homes and all that they hold dear. Could you help protect them this Christmas with a gift of £12?

For San Vansen and her community in Cambodia, their land has everything they need to live and thrive. Water and forests provide access to food, medicine and a livelihood. It’s also a place steeped in culture and history; to San Vansen, it’s home. 

Can you imagine San Vansen’s devastation when a mineral extraction company started to exploit this land? Despite being a Community Protected area, the land grabbing company began cutting down trees, showing no respect for the borders put in place. 

From as little as £12, your support can help to equip local leaders like San Vansen to protect their homes and livelihoods.

Fortunately, through Cord’s leadership and empowerment training, San Vansen was able to stop these land grabbers in their tracks. She reported the incident to the ministry of Environment and collected evidence on the company’s wrongdoing. 

The company admitted a mistake and paid compensation to the community, which is already being invested back to protect their land. 

By helping individuals to understand their rights, and how to uphold them, the impact is felt by the entire community. 

I’d like to invite you to be part of this impact today. As we approach the Christmas season, please consider giving a gift that keeps on giving; helping a community to help themselves. With the right training, they will be able to protect something that means so much to all of us, wherever we are in the world – home. 

Thank you and best wishes for the festive season,

Andy Pask
CEO, Cord

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Sandrine in a group discussion
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