Give the gift of peace and hope this Harvest

Families in Burundi and Uganda face the worst famine in 40 years. Communities in Vietnam’s forests are under attack. Millions live in fear but your gift can transform their fear into freedom.

Ndayisba and her children at home

A hunger crisis 

36-year-old Ndayisba and her village are experiencing one of the worst droughts in 40 years. Please give generously and help them support one another in peace as famine looms. 

Millions face a hunger crisis in East Africa. Climate change, Covid 19 and rocketing fuel prices, due to the Ukraine conflict, are making things worse. Failing harvests and a water shortage mean that things are desperate. 

In Burundi, Ndayisba is part of a solidarity group providing vital support to the neediest people. The country’s history of war and conflict means that communities are often divided and disputes can turn violent. Surviving this drought depends on peace and collaboration. 

Give today and support communities in Burundi and Uganda as they face famine. Help them work in unity. Sow hope for the future so that people can prosper. 

Can you help sow hope for the future?


can buy nutritious food for someone in a solidarity group, contributing towards a balanced diet


can provide training materials, enabling members of a solidarity group to work together and support those most in need

Restaurant vol.1£60

can purchase a bike for a facilitator, providing essential support to numerous communities

Plant seeds of peace  

63-year-old Lo and his community are under attack. Help Lo protect his family and friends today and ensure peace for future generations. 

In Vietnam, illegal loggers are destroying the forest where Lo lives. Without the forest Lo’s family would lose their home, their food and their ability to make a living.  

Lo leads patrols which help to protect his community. He faces danger every day, including landslides, poisonous snakes, and brutal revenge attacks from the loggers. 

Give today and ensure that Lo and his team have the training and equipment they need. 

Mr. Lo Duy Phan, 63 years old and married. He is leader of the patrol team. He enjoys his daily job and feels happy when protect the forest

Support people like Lo and his team…


could protect someone on a forest patrol with mosquito repellent, shielding them from the life threatening effects of malaria


could provide boots for a human rights defender


could keep a motorbike running for 3 months, enabling a community member to track illegal logging

Woman sitting in a boat in south east Asia

Leave a gift in your will

Gifts in wills are amongst the most special donations we receive. We are truly humbled whenever someone decides to support our peacebuilding work in this way.

Work for us

Looking for a new career opportunity and excited about helping to restore peace so that people can prosper? Find out more about our current opportunities.
Person praying


Join us as we pray for the communities and people with whom we work. Invite us to your church so we can share more about our peacebuilding work.
Sandrine in a group discussion
Lives changed
Sandrine’s life has been transformed with Cord’s support. Challenging prejudice towards Albino children means that she and other children can now live in peace in their Burundian community.